B Natural, the Propolis company.

Inspired by the outstanding work of bees, B Natural has the aim to create unique products.
We have an experience of 30 years working with natural products and we have decided to revisit bee products of traditional medicine, especially Propolis, in terms of modern medicine.
In order to do that it is necessary to give a precise activity to the natural products along with reproducibility and a dose/effects.

M.E.D.®, our patented method.

The first challenge has been to increase bioavailability of Propolis that is not soluble in water because of its waxy and resinous nature.
We have therefore developed a method of refining and purification of Propolis – M.E.D.®.
With this patented method of extraction, we are able to purify and characterize the actives of Propolis thus creating exclusive products.

B Natural’s scientific approach.

Thanks to the characterization and standardization of total Polyphenols, we can reproduce the same quality in all our extracts.
The experience gathered over the years has developed a specific and scientific approach which enables us to give and prove the activity of our purified polyphenols complex from Propolis.


The company B Natural is specialized in the production of Propolis extracts obtained with the method of extraction M.E.D.®. We have a line of extraction of Propolis through a reactor, a concentrator and an automated filtering system able to produce more than 200 tons of Propolis extracts.
There are also four productive lines for the production of our main extracts:

  1. a line for the production of Propolis hydro-alcoholic extracts called EPE MED.
  2. a line with a spray drying equipment for the production of hydro-dispersible Propolis power extracts ESIT®, Propolsave® and honey powder.
  3. a line for the production of non-alcoholic extracts such as the hydro-glyceric extracts GREIT® and phyto-preparations based on hydro-glyceric extract, glycolic and oily extracts.
  4. a line for the production of granulated powder extracts. B Natural industrial plants work in accordance with HACCP procedures and they are ISO and ORGANIC certified

What makes customers believe in us?

  • HIGH SPECIALIZATION: we deal only with bee products and especially Propolis.
  • INNOVATION has enabled us to diversify our products from the ones on the market – our extracts are unique.
  • KNOWLEDGE and FLEXIBILITY: our expertise is offered to customers to help them with the development of new lines of products.
  • SAFETY: let us not forget our first end users are children! This awareness has led us to make sure our extracts are amongst the safest on the market.
  • B NATURAL is an ever EVOLVING company – thanks to constant R&D, we keep on improving our products adjusting them to market needs.
    The first European Propolis producer: we served 17 countries worldwide and we produced 65 tons of extracts.