16 Luglio 2018 Marketing

B Natural at the Second Propolis Conference

B Natural will be present at the Propolis in Human and Bee Health Conference with a speech focused on the dose/effect activity of the complete characterized polyphenols complex extracted through to the patented method M.E.D. (Dynamic Multi Extraction), which is the basis for studying uses and effects of propolis actives.

The conference, at its second edition, will be held in Sofia on 28-29 September and will explore the latest developments as well as the future outlook of propolis research and application. The first edition – held in Glasgow two years ago – resulted in a very exciting moment for sharing knowledge and experiences among more than 100 researchers from all over the world.

This next edition promises to be an even more interesting and useful step in the development of a global community of researchers committed to understanding propolis and developing its potential. Participants will have the opportunity to become members of the International Propolis Research Group, which was formed in autumn last year, based on the energy and enthusiasm generated in Glasgow.