24 Febbraio 2020 Marketing

Biomonitoring and Propolis

Holistic Care about Quality

The in-depth analyzes carried out by B Natural on raw propolis in order to detect any pollutants, are not only intended to ensure the selection of a clean raw material, but also to return important indications to the beekeepers for the improvement of theirs activity.

Bees are in fact extraordinary biological indicators for assessing the state of environmental health: by collecting pollen and nectar from flowers and plants up to 6 km from the hive, they also collect pesticides and herbicides residues that, even if present in sub-toxic concentrations, in the long run can lead to imbalances in the hive and to the uselessness of its products, with special reference to propolis.

B Natural has established a multi-year collaboration with beekeepers from many countries, providing them – through the results of the analyzes on their raw material – valuable feedback for identifying the best areas for the hives. The result is not only a cleaner and purer propolis, but also healthier and long-lasting swarms.

In the continuous search for new suppliers in Italy and abroad, B Natural laboratories often see propolis containing polluting substances, mostly unknown even to the beekeepers themselves. Only thanks to its sophisticated (and expensive) duplicate analyzes, B Natural is able to find the presence of these pollutants which, if not promptly identified in the raw propolis, would increase their concentration in the propolis extracted with traditional methods. It is a risk that beekeepers and users should not underestimate! Unfortunately, only few producers can afford adequate analyzes of raw propolis. While honey, which produced in large quantities, is always very well controlled, the other bee products, such as propolis, having much lower productions, do not allow to reach volumes that justify high analysis cost. As a consequence, somebody ends up minimizing and claiming that since the consumption of propolis occurs in small doses, the risks of a possible presence of pollutants has no impact…

B Natural, thanks to the large volumes of propolis extracts produced, can rely on excellent analytical tools and skills that allow it not only to offer the well-known quality of its extracts, but also to provide beekeepers with indication for positioning and moving the hives at best, helping them to increase the quality of the product to consumers.

Helping beekeepers to sell their products is now an ethical imperative, since it is only thanks to them if the bees survive. B Natural is committed to this, both as a buyer and as a stimulus towards an increasing quality, and invites everyone to help the sector by purchasing honey and other beekeeping products: i twill be good for bees and … for your health!