30 Settembre 2018 Marketing

Great… Greit!

At the 11th European Congress For Integrative Medicine – than took place in Ljubljana (Slovenia), from 2st ti 23rd September 2018 – prof. Bratko Filipič has presented his study “Additive Effects of Water-Soluble Propolis (Greit 120) and Human Interferon Alfa (HuIFN-αN3) against Influenza Viruses in Vitro”.

The study illustrates the in vitro tests  the anti-influenza activity of the combos of WSP (water-soluble propolis) and HuIFN-αN3 (Human leukocyte interferon showing antiviral, anti-proliferative, anti-tumor, radio-protective and anti-toxic activity).

The WSP compound for the experiment was obtained from BNatural Greit 120 (extracted from propolis with the exclusive and patented M.E.D. (Dynamic Multi Extraction) technology.

The conclusions of this experimental study have shown very positive results. “This new formulation of Greit 120 and HuIFN-αN3 showing better anti-Influenza activity will definitely improve its application in flu infections – said Prof. Filipič at the end of his presentation.