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Fermented Papaya WF (whole fruit) powder and granular

It is a very interesting nutraceutical product, obtained by the fermentation (90 days) of the entire fruit of green wild papaya activated by selected yeasts. It presents in the form of granules with a pleasant flavor, ideal for a sublingual consumption which allow the instant solubility and the absorption in circulatory system.
Benefits and protective effects of granules fermented Papaya WF®

Against free radicals

Granules fermented Papaya WF® contains antioxidant enzymes, which can break in little pieces chemical reactions in the body. The laboratory analysis show that over 98% of free radicals initially involved can be neutralized.

Cleaning of the body from the toxins

Granules fermented Papaya WF® contains a considerable quantity of digestive enzymes which improve the digestion and the absorption of nutriments. They reduce stress in gastrointestinal mucosa and encourage the growth and the well-being of intestinal flora. Furthermore, fermented Papaya WF® encourages the intestinal movement, preventing formation of toxins capable of damaging the organism with the development of dangerous toxins.

Strengthen the immune defence system

Thanks to the cleaning properties of the organism, the strength of immune defence system is increased, defending it from virus and allergies.
Alkalinic Properties for the totally health of the organism
Fermented Papaya WF® is a natural alkalizing, it helps the organism to be healthier and free from upsets, discouraging the growth of dangerous yeasts, bacteria and anaerobic cells.

Safe product

Fermented Papaya WF® is a safe product, realized with a papaya, grown in a natural biological way. Completely no toxic, free from pesticides, heavy metals and bacteria. It is worked with a productive process which protect the alive enzymes involved. The laboratory analysis show that the product is free from pathogenic bacteria and chemical remains.


    • Increase of energy level
    • Improvement of transit
    • Improvement of sleep quality
    • Ability of alleviate chronical inconveniences as headache and hyperacidity