B Natural has made QUALITY – focused on nature-friendly attitudes, regulatory compliance, products certification, research-based innovation and customer satisfaction – the pivot of its competitiveness. Thanks to strict control procedures and continuous products testing we can always ensure our customers the maximum quality and safety.

Quality of raw material

B Natural guarantees the use of raw materials coming from strictly controlled origins. Suppliers selection and validation is an essential point for the Company’s activity.

Each beekeeper that provide B Natural with its products signs a Technical Agreement that lists all the mandatory characteristics for the raw material to be compliant with B Natural requirements. Nature protection and sustainable beekeeping are the foundation of these specifications.

Any bee product provided to B Natural must be:

  • food grade
  • gluten free
  • not irradiated
  • GMO free (Reg. 1829/2003/EC, 1930/2003/EC)
  • allergen free (Dir. 2003/89/EC, 2009/68/EC, Reg. 1169/2011/EC)
  • melamine free
  • not treated with ethylene oxide
  • not treated with pesticides nor antibiotics
  • produced by bees living in unpolluted environments
  • not subjected to any genetic manipulation

We guarantee the conformity to technical and qualitative specifications through systematic analysis and laboratory tests on the raw material, both to make sure that requirements are respected and in order to increase quality and safety control on the final products.

Duplicate analyses are performed on each batch by certified international laboratories.

Quality of productive resources

B Natural undertakes to provide customers with products of high quality, always compliant with regulatory updates.

Customers’ needs and satisfaction are the drivers of all the production organization, including human resources selection and training, investments in machinery and warehouse, focus on research and innovation.

Cooperation with suppliers and customers is often part of the production process, which allows more innovation opportunities and more quality control and impact on the finished products supply chain.

Quality of Propolis production process

Propolis, as it is produced by different type of bees living in different context, it is also a quite varied natural substance, with different characteristics depending on the geographical area, the plants present, the seasonality, the bee varieties, the method of recovery from the apiary, etc.

The innovative M.E.D.® extraction process allows to fully leverage all the strength of Propolis natural activity, while making it available in a reproducible, standardized and characterized extracts.

Quality of R&D

Anticipating customers’ needs, creating new products, developing more efficient production processes, offering increasing levels of quality and effectiveness… These strategic objectives are the foundation of our efforts in continuous development through innovation and research.

B Natural invests about 10% of its revenues in R&D each year. A continuous cooperation is carried on with Italian and international universities.

The company team includes three researchers, a university professor and a scientific coordinator.

Quality Certifications