Quality and safety of B Natural Propolis

The unique co-operation between Flora and Fauna has also a negative aspect as Propolis can be subject to contaminations from both the plant world (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) and the animal world (drugs, antibiotics, …).
B Natural has been able to turn a negative aspect such as the contamination of Propolis (raw material) into a strenght!

Thanks to a strict internal procedure of controls, we can ensure our customers the quality and safety of our products.

  • Careful selection and validation of the suppliers of raw materials coming from various countries.
  • Thorough analysis carried out by the best international laboratories.

Amongst our analysis, we pay special attention to:

  • Pesticides
  • Antibiotics
  • Aflatoxins
  • Heavy Metals
  • PAH

Our quality starts from innovation..

To develop new production processes satisfying and anticipating customers’ needs, we research new technologies or raw materials making our products and services much more efficient. In order to pursue such targets B Natural invests an important part of its turnover into R&D activities with the best researchers in the sector.
B Natural is focused on continuous industrial innovations to have products with an ever-growing performance.
Titration and standardization are carried out in co-operation with the universities of Pavia and Modena R.E.

Our extracts guarantee:

  • First Propolis standardized extract: total polyphenols in which six of them represent more than 25%
  • Chemical characterization
  • Integrality of Polyphenols complex
  • Richness in glycosylated fractions
  • Uninteresting resin removal
  • High polyphenols purity
  • Increased bioavailability