A unique technology, many different extracts, same quality.

M.E.D.® stands for Dynamic Multi Extraction. M.E.D.® is a technology of extraction developed and patented by B Natural, in order to obtain the most of active principles and ensure our products are highly purified and with no contaminants.

Only the good of propolis: the polyphenols.

Polyphenols are a family of about 5000 molecules widely present in the plant world. Amongst Polyphenols, there are “sub-families” which differ from each other because of the number and characteristics of the phenolic units. These structures have an influence on the chemical and physical properties amongst which solubility.
Standard method of extraction of Polyphenols from Propolis involve the use of a single solvent. The result is a partial extraction.

The dynamic multi extraction M.E.D.® technology uses various concentrations of solvent during the whole production process thus extracting Polyphenols with different solubility and especially flavonoids, phenolic acids and glycosilated fractions.
The strenght of our products is given by the set and quality of bioactives.