11 Maggio 2018 B Natural

The Power of Honey… in Powder

Honey is a great energy food for bees. They gather nectar from flowering plants, then they mix it with specific substances and save it inside the beehive. Honey is high in sugars (glucose and fructose mainly) and it is therefore highly energetic and sweetening. Other substances can be found in honey, such as organic acids, minerals, aminoacids and proteins. Due to these characteristics, honey is highly digestible and serves as an immediate source of energy.

Thanks to several years of experience in processing bee products, B Natural has created the first biological Honey Powder, an ideal ingredient for chocolate, candies, ice creams, muesli, bars, soluble teas

B Natural’s advanced technology has been able to get rid of those liquid honey’s physico-chemical properties that often hamper its use: high humidity, which affects stability and application; bad flow and pourability which increase costs for plant equipment maintenance and cleaning. The high smoothness, miscibility and compressibility of B Natural Honey Powder, make it easy to store and dose it, allowing the maximum creativity in finding innovative honey-based formulations.

Differently from other products (made from “poor” Asian or South American honeys), B Natural Honey Powder comes from a certified European biological raw material and – thanks to the unique B Natural process – to a high quality product, standardized and free from artificial flavorings, preservatives and colorants.