Sore throat, or pharyngitis, is an inflammatory status of throat mucous membranes. It gives burning sensation, difficulty in swallowing and pain. It is, in general, a condition of mild and short duration, but in many cases it may not be isolated and it can be accompanied by an infection, viral or bacterial, an allergic reaction or a general cold. It may be therefore the symptom of another disease and require a visit to the doctor, in particular in cases in which the sore throat persists for more than 7 days.

Propolis is traditionally known as a natural solution to sore throat. There are many scientific studies documenting anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of Propolis. The anti-inflammatory activity can be explained by the presence of some active flavonoids (galangin, quercetin, naringenin, etc.), cinnamic acid derivatives (caffeic acid,caffeic acid phenethyl ester CAPE) and Artepillin C in Brazilian Propolis. The antibacterial activity has been evaluated in many studies (> 700) and there are many substances included in Propolis that have this type of activity (Flavones, Flavonoids, Phenolic Acid).The spectrum of pathogens, which are inhibited by the presence of Propolis is very wide and both Gram positive and Gram negative.