12 Aprile 2019 Marketing

Why Do Bees Produce Propolis?

Defense and Protection

To give an answer to this question, we have to introduce you to the world of bees: the beehive.
The beehive is actually a town with approximately 50.000 members, a humidity of 90% and an internal temperature of about 37°C.
These are usually perfect conditions for the development of bacteria and the spread of diseases. Despite these extremely adverse conditions, the beehive is one of the most sterilized environments in nature. This is due to the presence of Propolis which is able to create an aseptic environment to preserve the health of the members who live in it including the most helpless and sensitive ones i.e. larvae.
In addition, Propolis is used as a sealing material to close any possible openings of the beehive to the external environment and to cover the remains of predators like lizards or small mice for instance, which entered the beehive to steal honey but they are tooheavy to be brought outside once killed.
The conditions in the beehive reflect the ones in human body.

The immune system is the mechanism of defence in human beings while for bees it is propolis.